5 VERY Expensive Writing Mistakes

Look, everyone’s guilty of a typo here and there. But, depending what you’re writing spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes can be quite expensive.

Here’s ten of the most expensive writing mistakes.

5. Barker’s Bible

The damage: eternal damnation

In 1631, King Charles I ordered 1000 copies of the Bible from a bloke named Robert Barker. Barker obliged and delivered all 1000 copies.

The problem was, the seventh commandment in Exodus read ‘thou shalt commit adultery.’ The King and Parliament were less then amused and all 1000 copies were destroyed.

4. Proofread your ads

The damage: $502 996

Turns out old beer is expensive. A seller on Ebay listed a bottle of Allsopps Arctic Ale dating back to 1852. But, in the ad he wrote ‘Allsops’ instead of Allsopps, meaning that collectors (yes, there are old beer collectors) wouldn’t be able to find it.

It ended up selling for $304. The guy who bought it, however, knew exactly what he’d bought and resold the bottle for $503 300.


3. Everybody wins!

The damage: $50 million

A car dealership in came up with a marketing campaign that involved mailing out scratchies, one of which would have a $1000 prize. But, the marketing company responsible for creating the tickets accidentally made all 50 000 tickets a grand-prize winner. The dealership ended up offering gift certificates in lieu of the money.

2. The most expensive hyphen in history

The damage: $80 million

Mariner 1 was meant to go to Venus. But it didn’t get very far because it exploded only minutes after takeoff. The culprit? A missing hyphen in the code.

1. Sell sell sell

The damage: $225 million+

Folks, if you’re trading stocks you’ll want to check what you type in is actually right before hitting the sell button. Mizuho Securities was offering shares of J-Com Co at 610 000 yen per share. Seems pretty good right? Except a trader at Mizuho sold 610 000 shares at 1 yen per share.




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